In the 17th century

In the 17th century there was "an innumerable mass of game: wolves, wild boar and deer, foxes, hares, and roe deer".

The quote is taken from C Trolle-Bonde’s book ‘Trolleholm förr och nu’, written in 1906. Today there is a permanent population of deer, fallow deer, wild boar and elk. Birds and hares also enjoy the varied nature of winter-sown fields and deciduous forests. By developing existing or creating new wildlife waters and wetlands, the conditions for wildlife are enhanced. These measures are part of the ‘Glory Plan’, so that we have coherence and consistency in our activities. It is important that the size of wildlife populations is under control, so that the other activities of the estate are not compromised.

Moose hunting in 2022

This year’s elk hunt is over.